Statement on Israel from US Senate GOP frontrunner Christine Serrano Glassner

Menendez Arraignment: GOP Senate Frontrunner Blasts Party Bosses

“Party bosses ... supported Bob Menendez and enabled his corruption for decades – until their grip on power was threatened” 
Serrano Glassner Announces Major GOP Endorsements from Morris County, including NJ Legislators, Mayors, and Party Committee Members

 NJ GOP Senate frontrunner: “We will work as a team … and win”
Mayor Serrano Glassner Responds to Menendez Indictment

 “I’m running for Senate to fight against this culture of corruption embodied by Bob Menendez”
GOP Frontrunner's Campaign Reacts to Latest Corruption Allegations Against Sen. Bob Menendez

Serrano Glassner Campaign Spokesman: “It’s time for ‘Gold Bar Bob’s’ career of cronyism to come to an end”
Christine Serrano Glassner Announces Endorsement from NJ-07 Congressman Tom Kean, Jr.

Today, Christine Serrano Glassner, the front-running Republican candidate for United States Senate in New Jersey announced the endorsement of 7th Congressional District Congressman Tom Kean, Jr.  “Washington, DC is in desperate need of more leaders who put New Jersey fam...
New Jersey Mayor Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate

Christine Serrano Glassner running for GOP nomination to challenge Dem Senator Menendez